Miriam Adelson Net Worth (Updated Early 2023)

Miriam Adelson Net Worth

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Miriam Adelson, a name synonymous with remarkable success and extraordinary wealth, stands as one of the world’s most affluent women. With an estimated net worth of approximately $34 billion as of 2023, her financial prowess and influence extend far beyond mere numbers. Born in Tel Aviv, Israel, in 1945, Miriam’s journey from a dedicated physician to a casino heiress and a political powerhouse encapsulates a narrative of resilience, intellect, and strategic acumen.

Miriam’s early life was marked by her commitment to medicine, a field where she not only excelled but also innovated. Serving initially in the Israeli army as a medical officer, her passion for healthcare led her to specialize in addiction treatment, eventually founding substance abuse clinics in the United States and Israel. This medical background laid the foundation for her later endeavors, intertwining her professional pursuits with a deep sense of humanitarianism.

Her ascent into the echelons of the world’s wealthiest began with her marriage to casino magnate Sheldon Adelson in 1991. This union not only merged their lives but also their visions, leading to a formidable partnership that reshaped the casino and hospitality industry. Miriam’s role in this transformation was not merely as a supportive partner; she was a pivotal figure in the expansion and success of Las Vegas Sands, the casino empire that her husband founded.

Under her stewardship, Las Vegas Sands grew to generate revenues surpassing $4 billion annually, with Miriam owning a significant 56.7% share of the publicly-traded company. Her astute business strategies and foresight have been key in maintaining the company’s dominance in a competitive industry. Beyond the realm of business, Miriam’s impact is equally profound in the political sphere. Alongside her husband, she emerged as one of the most generous donors to Republican candidates and conservative causes, shaping the political landscape with their substantial contributions.

Miriam Adelson net worth is not just a testament to her financial success; it reflects a life of multifaceted achievements. From her medical career to her influential role in politics and business, her journey is a compelling story of a woman who has navigated numerous spheres with grace and efficacy. Her financial resources, combined with her strategic mind and philanthropic spirit, make her a figure of immense influence and inspiration.

What is Miriam Adelson’s Net Worth?

Miriam Adelson’s financial stature is nothing short of extraordinary. As of 2023, her net worth is estimated at around $34 billion, placing her among the top echelons of global wealth. This staggering figure is the culmination of a successful career in medicine, strategic business ventures, and wise investments.

The cornerstone of Miriam Adelson’s wealth is her majority ownership in Las Vegas Sands, the renowned casino and resort company. Following the passing of her husband, Sheldon Adelson, in January 2021, Miriam inherited this significant stake. The company, a leader in the hospitality and gaming industry, boasts annual revenues exceeding $4 billion. Miriam’s 56.7% ownership in this publicly-traded entity has been a substantial contributor to her net worth.

Miriam Adelson Net Worth Article

Moreover, the Adelsons have historically been recipients of substantial dividends from Las Vegas Sands. Over the last three decades, the couple accumulated around $10 billion in dividends, marking their prowess not just in business operations but also in financial management.

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Miriam’s wealth is also diversified through significant political donations and real estate investments. Along with Sheldon, she has been a prominent donor to Republican candidates and conservative causes, demonstrating her influence in the political arena. Their contributions include substantial amounts to Donald Trump’s campaigns and other Republican initiatives, reflecting their commitment to shaping the political landscape in line with their beliefs.

In real estate, Miriam’s investments are equally impressive. She and Sheldon have acquired numerous high-value properties, including a palatial mansion in Las Vegas and several oceanfront homes in the exclusive Malibu Colony neighborhood. These properties not only signify their wealth but also their taste for luxury and strategic investment choices.

Personal Life & Biography

Miriam Adelson’s life story is as rich and varied as her immense wealth. Born Miriam Farbstein in 1945 in Tel Aviv, Israel, her early years were set against the backdrop of a nation in its formative stages. Her parents, who had fled Poland before the Holocaust, instilled in her a resilience and determination that would become hallmarks of her character. Growing up in Haifa, where her father owned and operated several movie theaters, Miriam was exposed to a world that combined culture, business, and the arts.

Her education and career path reflected a deep commitment to science and medicine. After attending the Hebrew Reali School for 12 years, Miriam served as a medical officer in the Israeli army, later pursuing higher education in Microbiology and Genetics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She went on to earn a medical degree from the Tel Aviv University Faculty of Medicine. This foundation in medicine led her to specialize in addiction treatment, eventually leading her to establish substance abuse centers in both the United States and Israel.

Miriam’s personal life took a transformative turn when she met and married Sheldon Adelson in 1991. Prior to this, she was married to Ariel Ochshorn, with whom she had two children. Her union with Sheldon was not just a romantic chapter in her life; it was a partnership that saw them become influential figures in business, politics, and philanthropy. Together, they navigated the heights of corporate success while also engaging in significant philanthropic activities, notably through the Adelson Foundation.

Tragedy, too, touched her life. Sheldon Adelson passed away in 2021, leaving Miriam to continue their shared legacy. Her strength in facing this loss was testament to her resilience, a quality that has defined her journey through the varied facets of her life.

What is Miriam Adelson’s Salary and Investments?

While the specific details of Miriam Adelson’s salary remain private, her investments and financial maneuvers are a public testament to her business acumen. As the majority owner of Las Vegas Sands, Miriam’s financial interests are deeply intertwined with the success of this global casino and resort empire. Her inherited shares in the company not only represent a significant portion of her net worth but also serve as a continual source of income through dividends and stock value appreciation.

Beyond her involvement in Las Vegas Sands, Miriam’s investment portfolio is both vast and varied. Along with her late husband Sheldon, she made substantial investments in the political realm. Their financial contributions to various Republican campaigns and conservative causes, including significant support for Donald Trump, demonstrate a strategic approach to leveraging wealth for political influence.

Miriam’s real estate investments are equally noteworthy. The couple’s property holdings, including a large estate in Las Vegas and multiple oceanfront homes in Malibu, reflect not just a preference for luxury but also a keen eye for valuable real estate opportunities. These investments are indicative of her broader financial strategy, which balances business interests with personal and political objectives.

Early Life

Miriam Adelson’s formative years laid the groundwork for her remarkable journey. Born in Tel Aviv in 1945, she grew up in a period of profound change and challenge for Israel. Her parents, having escaped the horrors of the Holocaust, settled in Haifa where her father’s involvement in the movie theater business introduced Miriam to a world of culture and entrepreneurship.

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Miriam’s education was robust and comprehensive. She completed 12 years at the Hebrew Reali School, known for its academic rigor. Her commitment to learning propelled her into the fields of microbiology and genetics, for which she received a Bachelor of Science degree from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. This academic pursuit was followed by a medical degree from the Tel Aviv University Faculty of Medicine.

Her early career was marked by her service as a medical officer in the Israeli army, a role that underscored her dedication to both her country and the field of medicine. This experience in the military was a critical stepping stone to her later specialization in drug addiction treatment, setting the stage for her eventual establishment of substance abuse clinics in both Israel and the United States.


Miriam Adelson’s career is a testament to her versatility and dedication. Starting as a physician in Israel, she became the chief internist at the emergency room of Rokach (Hadassah) Hospital in Tel Aviv. Her commitment to addressing drug addiction led her to Rockefeller University in 1986 as an associate physician specializing in this field. She founded a substance abuse center and research clinic in 1993 and, alongside her husband Sheldon, opened the Dr. Miriam and Sheldon G. Adelson Research Clinic in Las Vegas in 2000.

Miriam’s career transcended the medical field as she played a crucial role in Las Vegas Sands’ expansion and success. Her involvement in the company wasn’t limited to ownership; she was integral in strategic decisions that propelled the company to its leading position in the global hospitality and gaming industry. Her influence extended to philanthropy and political spheres, where she and Sheldon became prominent donors, significantly impacting both areas.

Professional Journey

Miriam Adelson’s professional journey is characterized by her deep commitment to medicine and her significant impact on addiction research and treatment. Her pioneering work in this field has been instrumental in bringing hope and healing to many individuals struggling with substance abuse.

Miriam Adelsonh

  1. Medical Career and Specialization in Addiction Treatment: Initially, Miriam Adelson established herself as a physician, eventually becoming the chief internist in an emergency room at Rokach (Hadassah) Hospital in Tel Aviv. She later specialized in addiction treatment, marking a significant turn in her career that would define much of her professional and philanthropic endeavors.
  2. Founding Addiction Treatment Centers: Miriam co-founded one of the largest addiction treatment centers in the world, showcasing her commitment to providing comprehensive care and support to those battling addiction. This contribution to healthcare is a testament to her dedication to improving the well-being of others through direct patient care and innovative treatment approaches.
  3. Advocacy for Medical Research: As a passionate advocate for medical research, particularly in the areas of addiction and neurology, Miriam’s work extends beyond treatment to the advancement of scientific knowledge. Her philanthropic efforts, particularly through the establishment of the Adelson Medical Research Foundation, underscore her commitment to pioneering research initiatives aimed at improving human health and well-being.
  4. Recognition and Awards: In recognition of her significant contributions to society, Miriam was honored with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award in the United States. This accolade is a reflection of her profound impact not only in medicine but also in various facets of social and public life.
  5. Contributions to Israeli Media: Beyond her medical and philanthropic work, Miriam Adelson is also an influential voice in Israeli media. She uses her platform to promote dialogue, understanding, and unity within the country, illustrating her multifaceted role as a leader and influencer.
  6. Writing and Publishing: Adding to her diverse accomplishments, Miriam is a talented writer and has authored several best-selling books. Her ability to captivate readers with her insights and storytelling skills further highlights her multifaceted talents and contributions to various fields.
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Social Contact Details

Miriam Adelson, despite her significant influence and public presence, maintains a relatively low profile on social media. However, she has been noted for her philanthropic activities, political involvements, and contributions to medical research, which have been widely covered by various media outlets.

  1. Social Media Presence: As of the latest information, Miriam Adelson does not have active public accounts on major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Her public engagements and statements are often covered through news outlets and other media channels.
  2. Public Engagements and Media Coverage: Miriam’s involvement in significant political and philanthropic events often places her in the spotlight. She has been known to attend important gatherings and meetings, especially those related to her philanthropic interests and political affiliations. For instance, she met with 2024 presidential candidate Nikki Haley and former President Donald Trump, highlighting her role as a major Republican donor​​.
  3. Media Coverage of Philanthropic and Political Activities: Miriam Adelson and her family’s philanthropic endeavors and political contributions are often covered by major news outlets. Forbes, for example, has recognized her and her family as among the world’s wealthiest, with significant contributions to Republican and conservative causes in various U.S. election cycles​​.
  4. Awards and Recognition: Miriam’s contributions to society have been recognized through various awards, including the Presidential Medal of Freedom. These accolades and her philanthropic work often make news, further adding to her public profile.

Frequently Asked Questions About Miriam Adelson

Where was Miriam Adelson born and raised, and what is her educational background?

Miriam Adelson was born and raised in Israel and holds a medical degree from Tel Aviv University. She graduated with honors from Sackler Medical School and later moved to the United States to join Rockefeller University in New York City, where she specialized in internal medicine and began researching chemical dependency​​.

What are Miriam and Sheldon Adelson’s contributions to political causes?

Miriam and Sheldon Adelson have been leading donors to Republican and conservative causes. In one instance, they donated $55 million to three conservative PACs over a two-day period. Their significant contributions have been a consistent feature in their support of conservative politics​​.

What role did the Adelsons play in the political landscape during the Trump administration?

Miriam and Sheldon Adelson were prominent supporters of Donald Trump. They were present at the White House to watch the midterm election results with Trump and donated $112,250,000 to Republicans ahead of the midterm elections. They also contributed to Trump’s 2016 campaign​​.

What is Miriam Adelson’s area of medical specialization?

Miriam Adelson specializes in treating drug addiction. She is the chairman of the Dr. Miriam and Sheldon Adelson Clinic for Drug Abuse Treatment and Research and has founded two research centers committed to fighting substance abuse. Her work in this area has earned her recognition as a committed doctor, philanthropist, and humanitarian​​.

What is Miriam Adelson’s family background?

Miriam Adelson’s parents, Menucha and Simha Farbstein, were Polish Jews who fled their homeland before the Holocaust and resettled in Haifa, in what was then Mandatory Palestine. Despite early financial challenges, her family established a stable life in Israel, with her father opening a string of movie theaters​.

How old is Miriam Adelson?

Miriam Adelson was born on October 10, 1945, which makes her 78 years old as of 2023.

Who owns Sands Casino?

Sands Casino is owned by the Las Vegas Sands Corporation. After the passing of Sheldon Adelson in 2021, his wife, Miriam Adelson, inherited majority ownership of the company.

What team is Miriam Adelson buying?

Miriam Adelson purchased a majority interest in the Dallas Mavericks, an NBA basketball team, previously owned by Mark Cuban.

Why is Cuban selling Mavericks?

While the specific reasons for Mark Cuban selling a majority stake in the Dallas Mavericks are not publicly detailed, such decisions typically involve strategic business considerations or personal choices by the owner.


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